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I missed it too, listening to it now. The no-bashing on this board means a lot to me, I've been hit pretty hard before for stating my opinion. Thanks again Keith for the great board and great interview!

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I felt like I sounded "dorky" at first.  I thought we would get right into the forum board discussion, which is what I was prepared for.  I had all kinds of notes in front of me on issues I wanted to bring up to talk about.  They kind of caught me off guard at first asking about I got started with the videos, etc.  I didn't anticipate this, as I've spoken about it twice before on the show.  There was too much unsaid about the Forum that was "left on the table".  Still, I was happy for the opportunity to at least spread the word.  I would love to know what their radio listenership figures are for that hour. 

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