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So at one bowling alley I go to the house balls have scraps and groves and marks etc in them how much does this effect play? I am not yet ready to get my own ball. Just fyi so people don't say "get your own ball".



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Scrapes and grooves on balls definitely affect the roll, especially those on or near the track (the part of the rolling ball most in contact with the lane).  Rolling the ball over a surface imperfection may alter the line by an inch or more -- enough to miss the pocket or chop a multi-pin spare.  Bowling is hard enough with a perfectly round ball and a predictable roll.    

If you plan to bowl with any regularity (more than just a few times a year), you really should get your own ball.  It is important to have a ball of the proper weight that fits your unique hand shape, finger length and wrist strength.  You can probably buy a new off-brand ball and have it custom-drilled for under $100.  It has been many years since I had a new ball drilled, so I may be a bit outdated on cost.  Other regular posters here are more familiar with current ball prices. 

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Borrow a ball from someone who has their own ball !

With a house ball you’re kind of cheating yourself.
House balls are drilled to fit everyone incorrectly and to fit no one correctly,
They might fit a 3-toed sloth but who knows.?

A well fitted ball can be essential for one to develop a more consistent and efficient delivery that can result in better scores.

House balls are made of plastic or urethane which are better for lanes with limited amounts of oil so your ability to curve or hook those balls is limited thus your scoring potential will most likely be decreased because centers almost always load up the lane with oil as to make them better for bowlers using the expensive higher performance balls to attain artificial , higher scores and not have their egos bruised.

So if you have a strong ego and understand that using the house balls you are in a different more basic environment of scoring potential then I say , stay with them. The scrap(e)s and gro(o)ves don’t matter much.
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