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Hello, My Name is David Parker, and I am looking into seeing if your forum could help me track down some people. 

My Father In Laws Name was Ron Brown Sr.  Who was a bowling personality for the last 50+ years in Portland, OR, he was a ProShop Owner for many years as well as  Proprietor of a House and a lane man for many of the houses around the Portland OR/Vancouver, WA area.

He helped Doug Wallace to become a Part Time touring pro as well as many other stars, some are still bowling.

It is my sad news to report, Ron Passed away, on Friday Feb 19th at the age of 81 years.  I am hoping that perhaps someone here may know how to get a hold of some of these various people that Ron worked and helped out over the years to get the word out of his passing.

Ron, was a Heck of a bowler for over a half century, posting a record of a 220 or above average for over 20 years.  Ron retired in 1997, but was never forgot.

So if you know him, know of him or are acquainted with any of his friends, if you could please pass the message along, that one of the behind the scenes greats has left us, I would sure be thankful.

Best Regards:

David S. Parker,
Former manager Grand Central Lanes, Portland, OR
Former Manager, Kona Bowl, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, past Pro Tour Stop.


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You might try the Oregon Bowlers Association message board at   Some of the sections are hidden on there until you register though.

I know there are people on there that could at least point you in the right direction if not know of him outright. I'm thinking people like the Winklepleck's could certainly help.

Hope that helps some!

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You can also try Facebook. Just about everyone is on there.

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