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Hey Fam, It's been awhile since I had time to come to the boards  It seems action bowling is coming back again and the channel getting a lot of attention is DougieeeVision on YouTube. Has anyone here seen it yet, and what are your thoughts?
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It's gotten some attention.  But with just 2.91K (almost 3,000) subscribers, it's nowhere near as popular as my channel, BrownswickBowling, which is home to PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR.  The most recent episodes of Dougieeevision have, on average, HUNDREDS of views.  My franchise program, PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR, has driven our channel subscriptions above 18-thousand (and rapidly growing), and our last full-length episode has over 18-thousand views.  (Our first episode from about 3.5 years ago has over 850-thousand views!)  Plus, with over 100 episodes (our last episode was #117), the channel has now amassed over 200,000 views in just the last four weeks!

If you haven't yet watched it, may I direct you to our most recent episode, the 2020 George Washington Open?

You'll forgive me for having a biased view, but this beats the snot out of anything Dougieeevision does:



Randy Brown
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