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Has anyone here ever bowled on lanes with string pinsetters?
Recently, I was in a place called Punch Bowl Social.  It is not a traditional bowling alley by any means -- more like a sports bar with a few bowling lanes.
I noticed something unusual.  All the pins were on strings from up above and there was no sweeper rack.  After the first ball, all ten pins were pulled up by the strings, then only the spare combination pins were reset. 
I could not tell much based on the Millennials there, who - to be kind - rolled knuckleballs and could not bowl their weight.  How would the attached strings affect pin action?  Would it even be possible to pick up a 7-10 split or have a messenger strike?

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I bowled on string machines back in 1994 while vacationing in Germany.  They were 9-pin machines (in a diamond formation) and the lanes were only about 18" wide at the head/mids and then widened at the backends as I recall.  Balls were various sizes and had no finger/thumb holes.  I was not actively bowling in the 90s and don't remember how well I did but my legs were sure sore the next day!


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I have seen string pinsetters before, but never on full size regulation lanes with standard size pins.

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My son told me there's a bar in downtown Detroit that has this. I believe it's the same Punch Bowl Social. Obviously it must be part of a chain of them. 

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I have played on string machine couple of times in local tournaments in Belgium. Lanes are the same length and dressed as normal as if for free fall machines.
Scores will differ slightly but who cares, it’s the same for everyone and because the bowl was immaculate along with good service it was still enjoyable.
A few places here in the U.K. are converting over to string machines because it will greatly reduce running costs.

Bill. Plymouth UK.

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In a few of my games when I left a ten for a 299 I wish I had
a string to pull

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