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9 years and counting... Thanks Keith.. It has been a wonderful ride.. Here is to many more years ahead!
Birthday - January 9th.

High Game (ABC Sanctioned League, April 11, 2006) - 276
High Series (ABC Sanctioned League, April 16, 2018) - 725 (256, 236, 233)
High Average (ABC Sanctioned League) - 192
Bowled 226 in front of Dave Ferraro at his place in Kingston

"He needs three" - Billy Welu
"Trust is a must, or your game is a bust" - Billy Welu / Nelson Burton Jr.
"I wonder if he wants some butter to go with that sweet role" - Randy Pederson "That's back to back jacks" - Rob Stone

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Thanks Tom!  Hard to believe we have been around for 9 years!  

Thank you to everyone who helps to make this a great bowling forum, it's been really fun!

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Haven't been quite around since the beginning (but pretty close!).  Thanks Keith for a great forum! [biggrin]  I'm so glad this place has never turned into what happened at the official PBA forums when they were around.
High sanctioned game: 300
High sanctioned series: 785
High league average: 213
Currently using: Brunswick Forest Green Quantum, DV8 Freakshow
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