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Some leagues make you take off 10 pins if your regular
misses but no penalty for a vacancy. How fair is that

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Originally Posted by CObowler
Unless nearly everyone in your league averages well over 210, a 210 vacancy score is way too high.  When a vacancy score is similar to the highest averages in a league, teams have no incentive to fill open roster spots.                              

The vacancy score should be about the average of the bottom third or bottom quarter of the league -- enough to give teams a fair chance to win some games, but not so high as to give a shorthanded team a definite advantage on those nights with tougher scoring conditions.


I agree wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, since I don't drive much at night now, the only daytime leagues are Senior leagues with similar rules.  I just bowl to satisfy myself and accept that the other teams have an unfair advantage.

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