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hand/finger position may be more crucial than you think. does anybody here use different hand/finger positions as part of adjusting ?

i do its saved me going to different houses

lefty's #1 rule we get the smooth part of the lane =)

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Yes all the time, It's crucial to have success in the modern game. I have one that I really like to go to on fresh short oil, It really helps get the ball through the heads, but with the increased flair position of my finger it retains a solid move to the pocket.

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I change hand position when shooting for 7-4-8 pins (I'm a lefty)...going to the "suitcase" grip to cut way down on the hook. Other than that, I don't really have to change my strike shot much, since I'm a down-and-in player.

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Imho, the Ability to change hand position, particularly at release, may be one of the most important weapons in a players arsenal. One of the simplest ways to add versatility to ones game.

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i utilize hand positions when im playing either very deep or wayyyy outside..

i also found that besides hand position, when i put my thumb in the ball all the way first, that it actually adds more revs to my shot--something i picked up ala Tommy Jones, and it works for me, but i hardly play way inside to outside to the pocket, if i am really deep i develop a soft hand at the point of release to let the ball get back to hace up to the pocket.
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