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Well, on Wednesday night I was supposed to be a sub (for a ten pin league), because one of my teammates who I subbed for twice a couple weeks ago called me last week, and told me "Mike, Pete will be out most likely for the rest of the year due to a knee injury, would you want to bowl for us on Wednesdays more often?". So I decided to bowl again on Wednesday night, and was debating whether I would sub for the rest of the year for the team, cause apparently they said I still wouldn't have to pay anything, which kinda surprised me, and I didn't believe that was going to actually happen.

So I drove for 45 minutes up to the bowling alley, and when I got there, turns out the guy who called me asking me to sub says "you know Mike, Pete might actually show up, but I'll be shocked if he bowls".

As we got to practice, the guy who was supposed to be most likely "out for the rest of the year" shows up, 100% fine and ready to bowl.

So I drove all the way up there only to be told "sorry Mike, we don't need you as a sub tonight but we won't let this happen again".

It's not like I blame the guy who was injured for showing up being fine in the end, but I blame the guy who called me and asked me to sub. The way I see it is, if you are going to need a sub, make SURE you know that you will need one.

I have never been so pissed off after what happened last night, and I'm not going back to that league as a sub for quite awhile, even if they do need me cause I'm not going to drive 1 1/2 hours to and back from there being told "sorry we don't need you tonight".

Has this ever happened to you guys?

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I would of made the best and a night of it. I would of stayed and watched the bowling. Picked up a snack and drink and rooted the team on. I wouldn't go back, but then I have never subbed for this reason. You are used as needed and are not always guaranteed to bowl.

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One of our subs on my team is AJ, who posts here on this board.  I'm also subbing for his team.  It's a hike for him to come here, and I understand that.  There is no way, knowing what it takes for AJ to get to where I bowl, that I would have him show up to bowl, without knowing whether he is going to bowl or not.  If I tell him we need a sub, and he is going to make the effort to come across town, there is a 100% guaranteed that he will bowl.  If I were in your shoes, and you showed up under the impression that you were going to bowl, only to be told that you they didn't need you, I'd be pissed too.  But at least they told you they wouldn't let this happen again.  After that, I'd take Tom's advice, and just make the best of it, hang out, maybe there's some lanes that you could get some practice in.

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Y'know, Mike, I think a good number of us here have probably had that happen to us.I'm just wondering, is the particular league you're referring to, a 'roster' situation that binds you to the team you first sub for, or a 'roving sub' type league? Might be another team in the league on a given night that would be glad to use you. I know that several years ago, I asked a player to sub on one of my teams when one of our regular members called me to tell me he wouldn't be available that night. Well, the sub showed up as asked, but so did the regular member. I felt so bad, that I offered to let the sub bowl for ME. It just seemed the right thing to do.

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If ever subbed for a league, I wanted to be a roving sub so that any team that needed me could use me if I was available that night.  I also would not drive 1/2 hour to get to a center with no guarantee....I just wouldn't do that.

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