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Michigan went on 3 week lockdown, stay at home, until April 13.

Being classified as an essential worker to my office, I'm able to come to my office, do some work, make sure that everything is in order here.  Out of an office of 17, there are two others here.  We are all keeping to ourselves.  I plan on working at the office throughout this.  The rest of the staff will be working from home.  Being a CPA, at the height of tax season, i'm glad that the Department of Treasury deferred the April 15 filing deadline to July 15. I have more than enough stuff here at the office to keep busy, so it is almost business as usual for me.

For those around the country in lock down, hope you are safe, healthy and doing fine.


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I am mostly at home now because most of my work has been cancelled and what little remains is done at home. To pass the time I am (or will be):

1. Praying more. It's too easy to spend extra time doing nothing, scanning the news over and over again, or wasting it in some other manner. Might as well put the extra time to good use.

2. Spending more time with my three children. I often don't get a lot of opportunity to play with them during my work week, so this is a good time for that.

3. Reading more. I used to read lots of books, but since I've been busier I haven't felt like it. Now I have the time.

4. Getting an early start on the garden and other outdoor work.

5. Trying to finish some projects on the house that have been waiting for my time to free up.

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Here in NY 100% of non-essential workers have been ordered to work from home.  The academic side of the university I work for is largely shut down...students are taking classes remotely and faculty are recording lectures at home.  I'm considered essential staff since I work in IT but am working from home.

Woodworking is a hobby of mine so I've been spending some of my free time catching up on the multitude of picture frames I need to make for artwork we've collected over the last couple of years.  Each frame is unique...some frames are really complicated, some are simple and can be knocked out fairly quickly.  Once spring actually shows up and plans to stick around I'll be outside more, either finishing up the restoration of my classic car or working on a few outside projects I want to do.

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Here in Kentucky the shut down coincides with our annual rainy weeks festival, so my time is mostly spent wishing it would stop raining.  I have more than enough work to do around our 4 1/2 acres of pasture and pond.  With 5 dogs and 2 horses there is plenty of picking up to do.  Other than that we answer the phone to acknowledge another medical appt has been cancelled or delayed.  All in all it's not been bad, just boring.

The good news is we squeaked in on the last day of medical procedures and found out my wife's cancer treatments have been successful and her tumor is gone.  Praise God for that.

  Now if we can keep the virus at bay with my son working at a farm and home store and 2 granddaughters living with us, I'll consider this a nuisance, not a castrastrophe.  I hope all is well with you folks.

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