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We are finally done at the lanes on Fort Knox.  It has been a horrible season for all.  The management refused all season to take any constructive action on getting the equipment working properly so every week, regardless of which lanes you were on, you had to deal with pins off spot, sweeping of the rack, resetting pins, lane prep problems, breakdowns, scoring errors, missing pins, etc.  There was no way to keep a consistent rhythm as we were often sitting for 5-10 minutes for something to be fixed.  Teams got moved when they couldn't fix the lanes and were given no warm up shots on the lanes they were moved to.  Generally a fiasco for anyone who takes bowling seriously.

When the league secretary announced it was the last night of bowling, a cheer went up from the league members and everyone hurried up just to be done and out of there.  My bowling buddy and I had already given our notice to the team captain that we would not be returning.  Since she is a neighbor and friend, we simply told her we wanted to cut back on bowling for next year and left it at that.  She knows the score, and doesn't really care enough to leave the league she has bowled in for 22 years.  So be it.  We are done.  Thank God. 

Old bowlers never die, they just fade away.

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I left a house like that 5 years ago. That house is now closed. I, on the other hand, am quite happy at the new house.

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