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So earlier today I was surfing YouTube when I just at random chose to watch an PWBA tournament from 1998.  This would have been during a period when, frankly, I wasn't following bowling all that closely, and certainly rarely watched women's bowling.  But I do remember the PBA's "gold pin era" when the TV networks encouraged fans to whoop it up, even when players were on the approach getting ready to make a shot.

I also know, because I was involved in golf broadcasting at the time, that CBS and some other networks got caught inserting fake sound effects into the sports broadcasts.  CBS got caught dropping in some ambient sounds of birds chirping during their golf telecasts, and probably never would have been found out if not for some knowledgeable Audubon Society-type bird experts noticing that some of the birds they heard chirping on the telecasts were identifiable and belonged to certain species of birds that did not live in the part of the country from which the golf telecast was originating.  Oops.

So I'm watching this bowling telecast today when something just hits me funny, and then I realize what it is.  Every time a woman lays a ball down on the alley, the gallery starts applauding immediately.

This is totally unnatural behavior.  Watch any bowling telecast going back to the '60s up through today.  When the ball hits the lane, the fans start yelling.  But they don't start applauding until after the ball hits the pins.  Because after all, there's nothing to applaud FOR until the result of the shot is known.  It makes no sense that they would start applauding as soon as the ball touches the lane before the result of the shot is known.

Watch this and tell me if it doesn't strike you as totally fake.  I believe ESPN was inserting the sound effects of applause every time a player's ball hit the lane.  It just sounds completely fake.


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At 15:55 the fans in the front rows can be seen applauding immediately when the ball was released. A stage manager may have been prompting them.

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At every PBA telecast I've ever attended (15+), the audience has always been coached prior to the telecast to remain very quiet until the ball is released, and then applaud immediately.

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Oh no I forgot to turn on my sound...  I did notice that the girls were putting a lot on hand into the ball compared to what we see on TV anymore.  But before I get yelled at I don't watch the women much either.
I liked it when they would act like it was fun to watch bowling and not set around like it was a funeral.

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Watch the 2014 Queens show. During the Higgins-Kulick match, you can hear me cheering a bit (I was seated adjacent to an ambient Mic)

After that match, I got a talking to from the floor producer for cheering. The crowd was ridiculously dead during that show.


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