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It's a new book by Barry Sparks.

I'm enjoying it, and it goes into a lot of detail about the "lefty-righty" and lane dressing controversy.

Not so much about Earl's personal life, but I'm finding out a lot of stuff about his bowling career I didn't know.

For example Ernie Schlegel was angry that Earl called for a re-rack twice during their finals match in the 1981 PBA Nationals - he accused Earl of making him wait to throw him off his game.

I don't understand that.  During the 10th frame when a bowler is throwing 3 balls (all strikes) the other player has to wait then, too.

And Earl certainly threw bad balls after each re-rack, so it's not like it really helped him!

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Schlegel  was the reason they started the shot clock. And he gripes
about reracks,what a pokeass

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I would like to pick up a copy too!!!  Sounds very intriguing, especially as I was a life long fan of Earl Anthony.  His son Mike used to be active on this board, but have not seen him in quite some time.

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I got my copy from this link.

It's a great read!
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