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Personally, I think having to stand in front of the ball return and loft it over the cap is silly. Maybe that's because I'm a lefty, or because I throw a down-and-in shot, but IMHO, if you have to resort to something so drastic, you need to work on your versatility. You never see a seasoned pro like Norm Duke or WRW doing something so drastic...they just cut down the revs and straighten things out.

And try doing that in a house with above-ground ball returns.


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Late reply to the thread, but I was thinking watching this telecast if the great Earl would've outbowled everyone on the telecast.  This looked like a shot that spelled RUNAWAY for him because Earl did not throw extreme shots but kept a very conservative shot for much of his career.  It would've been no contest.

Regarding Rash, I don't have a clue what's up with him as of late.  Missing a 9-pin is pretty ridiculous for a pro...almost like saying you can't hit the pocket.  Maybe some of you are right...maybe some pros are overthinking things too much.  That's partly why I quit PBA leagues...too much thinking involved on what I could do next and it was no fun after two years of trying to do that.

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