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This is very sad....

In speaking to some of the bowlers in my league, we are looking back at January and February in the league.  There were quite a few who were sick and missed several weeks, including myself.  Jan 7, I missed 4 days of work.  Had a fever, very bad cough, felt like I had been hit by a truck.  It started during the holidays for me, got a bit better, then boom, I felt really knocked out.  In retrospect, I bet it was Covid-19. 

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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Right before New Years I was sick for a short time too. No energy,coughed
so much my stomach muscles were sore and couldn't get enough sleep.other
bowler on my team had the same thing. It was probably the flu but it makes you

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I went thru a similar thing around the first of March. Terrible cough, extreme fatigue. Lasted about 10 days. No covid in our area at the time and I thought it was the flu. Probably was, since nobody around me ever got sick, but if the same thing happend now I would be pretty sure I had the virus

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Good news or bad news ... depending on your point of view. 

It is highly unlikely that any January illness in Detroit or the rest of interior United States was COVID-19.  If it had been the coronavirus, your areas by the end of February would be like New York City is now.    

One unique symptom of COVID-19 is an extended loss of smell and taste for 4-5 days.  Most seasonal flu does not have that extreme effect on those two senses.   

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Still so much we dont know about the virus it is hard to say. Wouldnt surprise me that when there is enough testing it will be found that the number of people asymptomatic will be much higher than people anticipated.
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