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When I was growing up, most of the modern bowling centers built in the '60s, and certainly all of the King Louie-owned centers in the greater Kansas City area, featured brand new pocket billiards rooms. In fact, back in those days, Brunswick's bowling products were part of its Bowling and Billiards division. Many of you are familiar with Brunswick's famous "Gold Crown" line of bowling products. But what you may not know is that Brunswick had another line of Gold Crown products, and it revolutionized another indoor sport: pocket billiards. Some of you have likely seen the video on YouTube called "The Golden Years," featuring the company's Gold Crown-branded capital equipment for bowling centers, and promoting it to proprietors. Here's the companion video promoting their Gold Crown line of pocket billiards equipment to the modern pocket billiards establishments that revolutionized "pool halls" in no less a profound way than the automatic pinsetter revolutionized bowling alleys.

And here's that original Brunswick "The Golden Years" video promoting the company's Gold Crown line of bowling equipment.


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The pool tables were great , they were heavy and couldn't be moved , the shot was the same on all the table. they are still in use at Dixie Bowl in Louisville Ky .

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I learned the game in an 8 lane center with tangerine colored gold crown masking units like the ones pictured in this thread.  Place was built in 1960.  I worked the desk, and even did the lanes ( spray gun and Turkish towels ) at age 14.  Got paid in lineage to practice.  Later, the proprietor would bowl me pot games for more free lineage. 

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I know it's slightly off topic not being Brunswick but talking of billiard tables, I have a brochure about AMF and their billiard tables. I had no idea they made these as well.

amf table.jpg 

Bill. Plymouth UK.

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Love it.  I did not know that AMF made pool tables.

Sign of the Magic Triangle.  [smile]


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AMF made all sorts of sporting cousin had an AMF tricycle when she was really young.  Hell, they owned Harley-Davidson for awhile!


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Love those Gold Crown tables.  Our local pool hall has 40+ 8 and 9 footers.  Great practicing on a 9 footer when I shot at bars.

Haven't seen the AMF tables since the late '80's.  Another, now former, pool hall had a few.  That pool hall, Palmer's was next door to Red Carpet Celebrity.

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I always liked the Brunswick pool tables a bit better, as well as Brunswick bowling lanes.

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Brunswick Records was great too!
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Those old AMF tables play real nice. Nothing like a Brunswick Gold Crown IV, but decent.

My buddy has a Brunswick cue from the sixties, and a set of Brunswick ivory billiard balls in a locked display case.


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