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Originally Posted by mrbowling300
Originally Posted by Pullmyfinger

I've was told at an early age to shoot at the 7 on the right lane & the 10 on the left on Brunswick lanes because of the ball returns. Don't know how true it is, but I made mine shooting at the 7 pin on the right lane.

Gary, were you ever successful in any of your attempts?

Just the one.

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IMHO I never throw hard at the 7-10 because the odds are I will hurt something more often than making the spare.

Making the 7-10 is mostly luck where making the 6-7-10 you have to make a good shot.

a bowler in my league made two 7-10 splits in the same game this year, a frame apart.  Not a hard thrower either.

Have seen more in the last few years than in the 50 years prior. 

Liver pins??

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@Pullmyfinger I actually try the reverse on Brunswick machines. 7 pin on the left, 10 pin on the right, I usually get more pins that pop out and go to the side if I go that way. If I hit the ball return side, the pin just pops out and flies beyond the rake about 20-30 feet!

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I came very close to making the 7-10 on an AMF 82-70 once...I hit the 10 as hard as I could and it bounced out halfway across the deck but in front of the 7.


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WOW that's awesome

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