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One game I left seven 7 pins in a row,1-7 frame.Another game I left 5 pocket 7-10's.
Been bowling off and on since 1959 or 60 and I've never had a triplicate,made the big four,7-10,
or had a dutch 300.

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We do beer frames. We don't buy beer, but if you are the only person that does not strike, you put a dollar in the envelope. At the end of the bowling season we use the money for a fantastic team dinner. The person that put in the most money picks the restaurant.
Fall Leagues: Monday - Five Star Lanes, Tuesday  & Thursday - Astro Lanes.
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Just read a RR post.  He used the term crew for his team at a tournament.  Another new one for me.

By the way good bowling RR.

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Originally Posted by BowlingOldies

Talk about some long lost bowling terms...

Don't forget the dungeons and the brick yards.  Hated bowling those places.  You know, the ones with the reverse block.  Not to mention the places where the lane guy would too often fail to drag the lanes.  Or heaven forbid if your bowling center still applied the oil using one of those bug spray pumps.

Or the places with old pinsetters prone to tearing up balls.  You'd always want to bring your war ball to bowl there.

Oh, and as for types of leagues...and long lost terms...try these on for size:  Scratch leagues and travel leagues.  Those are definitely on the endangered species list today.  Oh, and are there any housewife leagues anymore?

And here's another term you rarely hear anymore:  Resurfacing the lanes.  Who can forget the smell of a bowling center that had just re-opened after being closed for a week while the lanes were being resurfaced?

And one of the things I miss most about bowling alleys is the concourse area.  You know, the part of the bowling center that was elevated a good 3 to 4 feet above the settee area where the bowlers sit.  Before the days of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which mandated that bowling centers be flat for easy wheelchair access, you could actually look DOWN on to the lanes from the concourse area and watch the action without all the bowlers blocking your view of what was going on.  I hate the way bowling alleys are designed today -- all flat with no steps, everything on one level.  With all due respect to the disabled, you guys really screwed up bowling centers for the rest of us.  Sorry, but it's true.  What's next?  3-foot-high basketball hoops?  C'mon, guys. 

Finally, speaking of things that have long ago disappeared from bowling centers, remember the house pro?  You know, the guy who was there in every bowling center to give lessons?  And what about the nursery for the kids?  That's been replaced by the video game room.  (Good luck leaving your infant there.)

But personally, of all the things I haven't seen in a bowling center in a while, the one I miss most is the old AMF Magic Triangle with the Pindicator to tell you not only what you left but how to make it.  I also miss the overground ball returns and manual scorekeeping, where your scores were projected overhead by the Brunswick Tele-Score.

(And Fordman, I knew there was something about you I like.  I, too, am a liberal Democrat.  And I'm anti-gun in most cases, too.)

Don't they have ramps for the wheelchair-bound in some places?
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