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Have you seen the bowling sign w/o the alley?

I seen Leilani Lanes sign still there and alley were gone.

Khun Paul

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In many midwest cities with the old brick buildings you will see the painted signs on the bricks from businesses gone long ago.  Pittsburgh is an example where downtown from the hotel I stayed at, I could see across the street down an alley on the side of an old brick building a bowling alley sign pointing the back door to a downstairs center long gone.  It was pretty cool.  I walked over and tried to check it out, but the door was locked.  I wonder what I would have found down there.......?

Mike Anthony

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I was just going to say what Mike said. In my neck of the woods, they tore down a building, which exposed the wall of it's next door neighbor, that said "Berkley Lanes", which was located in Berkley, MI on Coolidge road, many years ago. I had never heard of it, but this goes back to the 60s when it closed.

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In Mount Clemens, Michigan, Clinton Lanes burned down about ten years ago after being closed and vacant for about two years before that.  But the pylon sign in front of the building is still there!

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In North Little Rock, Ar., there was a 32 lane house called Pike Lanes. The building has been a flea market for the last 15 years, but the Lighted Pike Lanes sign still proudly stands right on the side of Pike Avenue, which is the main thoroughfare in that part of town.

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Lodi Lanes, in Lodi, Wisc has been boarded up for a couple of years, but the sign is still out front.  The former restaurant in one corner has been converted to a pharmacy that is open.
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