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After 50 years of bowling, I'm finally bowling in my first nationals May 9 and 10 at South Point in Las Vegas.  A team of 10 typically bowls together.  There was an injury, and I was invited to replace the injured guy.  I know 4 other other bowlers.  

For those who have bowled in this event, do you have any suggestions, etc that can help me know what to expect?

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I always suggest to drill a ball while you're there. Ask what's working and have one of the booth's drill one up for you. Also I know they don't release the pattern anymore, but the Bowling IQ guys should be getting back soon so I'm sure they'll be putting what they think the pattern is out for people to practice on. 

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JB Bowling Supply is the best driller in the city imo.  You'd need a car to drive there from South Point however.  I've been in the shop when nationals run in the city and seen a stream of bowlers coming in to drill the weakest stuff they could get their hands on.   Balls like pin down Tropical Breeze and the like.  Most bowlers bring bags of too much ball to Nationals.


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It really depends on your game. Are you familiar or experienced bowling on sport patterns. There are no magic balls that work there.

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Go talk to Mark Anderson in the Storm booth. 


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