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What's interesting how much lower the scoring pace was for the USBC Masters than it was for the PBA TOC. The USBC brings in Kegel with the intention of making the shot equitable but demanding, and that's what they got. PBA oils their own lanes, and got a strike fest.

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Colby and I thoroughly enjoyed watching....

Belmo is his favorite bowler, so Colby was happy with the result.  I was pulling for PWB.

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Going back 20 years, it isn't so much about the Masters being more demanding as it is just not the look the guys on tour were use to.  Even in the late 90's, before the animal patterns, I always loved the Masters because a lot of the tour guys and their reps would come in and scratch their heads trying to match up with the patterns they weren't accustomed to seeing.  Historically the tour gave guys swing, but no hold.  Masters patterns tended to be more of strip oil where you could play different zones, but not over swing the ball.  One of the reasons straighter amatuers like Jason Queen, and Boghosian had good luck was because of what I am talking about.  I had some success in that era, and it all got down to when I caught the powerful tour guys.  On fresh oil I could square up and out carry them while they were struggling to find a consistent break point to the pocket.  In qualifying I outscored some pretty good players who I couldn't have touched on the tour patterns.
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