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I've never seen a league out here in Arizona with any sort of banquet. The closest I've been part of is heading into the bowling alley bar after the sweeper for the prize handouts and drinks on the house. But even that's rare. More often someone brings an envelope to your captain with the payouts, the champion team is announced over the loudspeaker, and the sweeper moves along.

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Our two men's leagues combine and have a prime rib dinner at the VFW where the bowling alley is. 
Our mixed league goes to a fancy restaurant, and they give us a really nice 4 course meal for $26. Our league is 26 weeks, so they take a dollar a week from your dues to put towards that. If you don't go, you just get that money back. 

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Originally Posted by amf300bowler
The last thing I want to do is attend a banquet after the bowling league has finished. I talk to my teammates all year. I don't need another night to do so. Plus, banquets burn up a lot of money that should be in the prize fund. You can give me my prize money on roll-off/fun night. I'm good with that.

I couldn't agree more with both you and Dare!!   

At least half of the teams don't bowl on the last week "fun night".  All the food and beverages/alcohol is 50% off on fun night so several teams hung around drank.   My team open bowled 4 games because we felt like it.  Our opponents didn't bowl so we took the pair and knocked out 4-5 games in pretty quick order.  


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We don't have a fun night.  Our last night of bowling is the roll off night and points count.  it is also doubles night.  We had 419 doubles team entries at $6 a team.  The banquet is a night to relax and get paid off.  There Is a snake for those interested.  It only takes about 20 minutes.  We elect officers for next year.  Pay off doubles.  Pay those who had high score for individual and team.  and point money.  We eat and socialize with other bowlers from other teams.  30 of us have a friendly $50 buy in Texas hold-em tournament.  It last until 1:30 if necessary. it pays off 4 places.  Some times it is nice to get together with bowlers from the league when it isn't so serious.
What do you do on a fun night that is so much fun?

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One league I'm in we had a pot luck where everyone brought something. The other league (which is run by the center) puts out food the last night and runs a no-tap tournament.
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