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Is Badger oil pattern is more difficult than shark pattern like can't curve the ball at all?
Khun Paul

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Badger is 52 feet.  I've seen it played really straight (Norm Duke won on it by laying the ball down on 15 and letting the ball hook 2 boards to 17, which is the pocket).  And last year some guy won it (or nearly ran the ladder) by lofting the left gutter cap with a super strong ball and a super high rev shot that sort of fell back to the pocket).

"Harder" than Shark?  Well, it depends on the player.

I won a no-tap tournament on Badger last year playing it really straight like I saw Norm Duke doing.  If you know what to do on it, it's like anything else.  If you can execute, you'll do okay.  But if you keep throwing the ball away from the pocket, you're not going to have much success.


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Badger is my favorite pattern.  It does not succumb to brute power and revs, unless you have a lot of time to blow it up.  Finesse and speed control with end over end roll are the way to attack it.  Most younger players ( and a lot of older ones too ) don't understand that you don't need to hook the lane coast to coast to carry.  Like Randy said, if you cant get comfortable playing direct you are in trouble on the really long patterns.  If you can, they play really nice.  I averaged 218 on the Badger for 16 games in our singles league.  I could barely average 200 on some of the 38-40 foot patterns. 
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