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From the PBA on Facebook when someone asked about when/if the 2010 Japan cup will be televised here:

"The 2009 Dydo Japan Cup finals are available on Xtra Frame, we are working to have the 2010 Dydo Japan Cup finals on Xtra Frame"

Basically, it's going to be an Xtra Frame only thing.

Am I the only one that is starting to think the PBA will just go right to Xtra frame instead of ESPN in the future to show their broadcasts?

"He won't get it! Mike Sweeney our new champion! Well done, it was going to take a huge effort to beat Dave, and that's what Mike did." - John Holt, announcer for the Candlepin Challenge.

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It sure seems that way, Mike!  I think they will be having events exclusive to Xtra Frame with no regular TV in the future...kind of an Xtra Frame Tour.


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If they do this, they'll lose sponsors like crazy.  Why would anybody pay tens of thousands of dollars to sponsor the PBA if the only viewers seeing their banners are a handful of die-hard bowling fans on Xtra Frame?

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