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I've digitized most of these old videos I have of myself bowling.  This is one of the very earliest.  (I only have one video from earlier than that, and I already posted it a couple of years ago.)  Just one game here.  Years ago, I edited out everything else from this session when I brought my camcorder to the bowl.  Back in these days, the camcorder was the size of a few boxes of breakfast cereal tied together.  It was something of an ordeal to haul the thing around, and unlike the cameras of today, these old camcorders were not very sensitive to light.  So the lighting here is awful.

I bowled like crap that day, and erased everything else but what you see here.  And I wasn't any good yet at the time anyway.  I was still about a year away from starting to get any kind of meaningful instruction at the time this was recorded.  As is fairly obvious here, I was still pretty clueless.  I thought I knew what I was doing, but I had no idea what I was doing.  This was the only game from this session that was even halfway worth keeping.

Oh, and I'm throwing that same orange Ebonite ball that Earl Anthony used in the '77 Midas Open telecast (also on YouTube).  If anyone remembers what that ball was, let me know.  I think it might have been one of the early Ebonite Magnum balls.  I had that Ebonite ball, and a few years later I had another one...sort of light brown in color, I think it was a Magnum 5 (maybe Magnum 9?, circa 1979 on that one).  Anybody remember what those orange ones were called? 


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These videos are incredible Randy!
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