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Last year was our first.......
We went because they wanted to recognize my son for an outstanding youth series on sport condition.... He bowled a 781 series on sport condition that included a 299.  That was fun as a parent and I can see why they do build enthusiasm for youth bowling.

I learned recently, we are invited again..... he will be called up twice this year. I am not sure if they will do it all at once or not, but he will be recognized as the youth bowler of the year in the KCUSBC district, and they will call him out for having the highest youth average last year at 220.   I promise you...that will go up in 2017-18..... the kid tells me his goal is 240 this year.  That's a tall order, but I wouldn't put it past him.  I'm thinking if he cracks the 230s.....that is a huge improvement.  The kid is on a mission....

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