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So i have an issue, my league lost a lot of bowlers over the past couple years, as many have. This year we have 5 teams of 3 and a vacant team. Week one is already over and I've been informed that we are getting 9+ new bowlers next week. Im wondering if anybody has any suggestions as to how to divy up the new bowlers. As far as i know, none of them have established averages. I've looked at USBC rules and nothing really helps. Also, our league has a bylaw that no new bowler can become a captain. Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Why not just add three more teams to the league?  Nothing says a team has to have an actual "captain".


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Let's can increase your league size over 60%, but a silly league rule won't let a "newbie" be a captain. Sounds like you have 3 options: Have a league vote to allow a waver for this season, have a league vote to get rid if the silly rule or tell them they can't bowl because of said silly rule. I think you'll make the right decision. 

As for making the teams if none of the new people know each other you can put the names in a hat and pull them out.

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OK how in the world did they come up with that Cpt. rule?  Now fix everything.  The 3 new teams flip a coin odd team gets to bowl against team 5's posted scores.  The other two bowl against each other.  This all in a make up.  Week 2 get a schedule for 8 teams and every thing is fine.  Don't forget get rid of that stupid rule.
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