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A Toast: Long Live the Sport of Bowling!

Beer and bowling go way back.  It is most enjoyable to toss a few back with friends after a friendly session
on the maple and pine. Many a round has been bought upon failing to produce a strike when all your mates
have hung you in the beer frame. The revenues produced in a typical bowling center bar during league
night can be impressive. In Milwaukee, "Beer, brats and bowling" has been the mantra. One only has to
look back at the golden age of bowling to find such classic teams as the Strohs, Hamm's and Monarchs
who have all won team titles at the Open Championships. Who can forget the exploits of the famous
Budweisers? As a young man, I confess that I demurred to the allure of the Rhinegold girl.

  But if you were able to ask the Webers, the Welus or the Norris' what part beer played in their outstanding
performances, the answer to a high degree of certainty would be none. The drinking of alcohol before and
after competition was not unusual. The consumption of such during, unthinkable.  To do so would degrade the competition, venue and the sport.

  But now the big news out of Reno, suggestively and quietly buried in the fine print of a spinned release, is
that the consumption of alcoholic beverages at Nationals will be allowed during the competition.

  What have they done?

  In one dumbfounding, unbelievable edict, the "leaders" of the USBC, the very institution we entrusted the
sport to, hath proclaimed in no uncertain terms that amateur bowling to its highest level is no longer a
sport, being reduced to a recreational activity. The National Governing Body, their very mission statement
reads "Grow the sport", has fired the final salvo reporting the demise of the sport of tenpin bowling. They
have placed the Open Championships on a par with the Tuesday night mixed.

  What right do the people who made this unilateral decision have to single handedly destroy the
reputation, rich history and unmatched tradition of the most prestigious amateur national tournament
bowling has to offer? What a selfish act!

  Forget Olympic status. It is hard enough to do drug testing before and after the event. To test during-
impossible. One can see the post game interview, "It was the ball change in the fourth, the inside move in
the seventh and the lager in the ninth that saved the day for me!"

  And with that comes the end of the USBC as a National Governing Body. The evaporation of team USA
and the end of Title IX funding follows.

  To all of the bowling journalists throughout the land who have covered the sport of bowling so wonderfully I
suggest that you go to the mirror and take a good look. Throw all your copy in the toilet for you will be
reporting a big lie. The BWAA would be doing a disservice to this industry if it does not vigorously
condemn this action in the most forceful language possible.

  The Professional Bowlers Association must also come down hard on this subject. The reason is that its
fine code of conduct faces an erosion from a governing body which has a weaker stance with regards to
ethics. Drugs and alcohol have tarnished the careers of more than a few professionals. Placing an excuse
for a return engagement with alcohol fosters nothing but tragedy. The commissioner needs to remind the
membership that this should and will not be tolerated.

  What a sorry position this puts our fine coaches in? How do you explain to young people that the USBC
allows consumption of alcohol during the highest levels of competition? That its OK to drink during
competition? What do you say to the parents? All coaches must condemn this, now!

  All of the time, money and effort spent by the USBC in their disingenuous attempts to portray bowling as a
sport has now in one swoop been wasted. This includes the money spent on training of coaches, research
into equipment and lane specifications, the training facility itself- all wasted now that bowling as a sport has
been declared by idiots as a purely recreational activity.

  And finally to the delegates and the local association volunteers who form the backbone of the congress I
say you have been betrayed on a level that is stupefying. No longer can you afford to consider the
convention a vacation. Take back your congress! Take back your sport! Vote to suspend the rules and
vote "no confidence" in your current leadership and show them the door! Throw the bums out!

We are running out of places to play!

Founder & Executive Director
The American Bowling Consortium, Inc.

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Quote:[What right do the people who made this unilateral decision have to single handedly destroy the
reputation, rich history and unmatched tradition of the most prestigious amateur national tournament
bowling has to offer? What a selfish act!]

Just another part of the brilliant, Bottom-line, thinking of the 'train-wreck' that is, and has been, the usbc.

"Official sport of the Dark Knight"

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This article is printed in the March, 2010 issue of Stars and Strikes Magazine pg 8

Founder & Executive Director
The American Bowling Consortium, Inc.

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Disgusting. We're trying to GAIN legitimacy, USBC. Remember?!

"Chris...twenty-five thousand in his pocket. Ten-thousand on this ball."
-Billy Welu
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