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I have long marveled at this record.  When I was in high school, in the 90's, the record stood at around 24 hours, and it was my plan to beat it.  I never did get around to actually doing it, but when that kid pushed the record to over 5 days, I was flabbergasted, and figured he can have the record. 

I'm known for "marathon" practice sessions that last 30 games, even up to 50.  But then I go home and soak in the tub.  I ask, how can you bowl for days on end?  How does one do such a thing?  Even if you reduce the ball weight down to 6 pounds, I can't imagine what that does to your hand after 24-48 hours.  Hell, even after 12 hours.  They must bowl at least 5 games and hour. 

The current record holder had a low game of 5, and this guy threw a 1!!!!  That should almost be a record right there.  I want to know what exactly happens, in the course of bowling for the record, that things get so bad that a 1 occurs.  Are the so hurt that they just pick up the ball with two hands and roll it granny style?  But even then, why would they throw 19 gutters?  Are they sitting in a chair kicking it with their foot half asleep at that point. 

Anyway, it's sad someone bowled on his lane.  That really shouldn't be a reason for disqualification. 

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I doubt I could make it to hour 6!

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What the hell is others bowling on his lane?
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Pffft, hand? My legs give out after 12.
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