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A Glimmer of Hope

With the announcement of the World Series of Bowling in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Professional Bowler's Association has inked a major milestone, opening the door and the possibility of the return of the sport to the national prominence of three decades ago. Congratulations are in order for Fred Schreyer, Commissioner, Tom Clark, COO and the rest of the leadership in Seattle.

The PBA is learning. It is listening. It is adapting to the changing environment of the marketplace. It is making the most out of the current economic situation by revealing an exciting new tournament format and having the competition in an outstanding choice of venue. Most importantly, it is accepting the mantle placed upon it by the withdrawal of the USBC from major financial support of the purely competitive sport. It is doing an old PBA member proud.

The PBA survives and now is situated for growth because it continually looks for opportunities. Rather than being satisfied at controlling contraction, the PBA has done what the USBC still refuses to do- swallow their institutional pride and look outside the bubble at Arlington, by listening to dissenting points of view and not censoring them, by looking at new and innovative programs and not relying on the the way they've always done it, by accepting ideas and proposals from even the most unlikely sources.

By putting the sport first.

The players must now realize that they are participating in a program that is poised at the cusp, ready to breakout into the world of growth. From the press release:

"The World Series also will produce a “USA vs. The World” TV event, which will be taped on Nov. 6. The top six United States bowlers after 60 qualifying games will meet the top six international players in a made-for-TV competition."

The leadership at the PBA understands fully that it is the world stage that awaits. The future of the purely competitive sport of bowling definitely lies on this world stage. This is where new player development is occurring, the place that sponsorships and endorsements await. This is the future venue.

It is the right format in the right venue at a most appropriate time. We may now see the beginning of the beginning, the long road ahead to the reemergence of the sport of bowling into the domestic sunshine. This is a tender young shoot that has germinated and if it survives this hostile environment, represents the release of the sport from the thirty year hostage takers and the return of the United States as a competitor on the venue that is the world stage. The work now for the PBA brass is just beginning. If they can learn from the mistakes made in Detroit and apply what worked to the WSOB in Vegas, then as one of the few remaining domestic standard bearers they will have done the sport and themselves proud.

"Along with the USA vs. World event, (the WSOB)is also an event incredibly inviting to international participation," observed Clark.
"For the internationals,(they will)be able to come to the states for 5 days and have a shot at 6 PBA titles and $635,000 in prize money for just a $750 entry fee."

The challenge of the production team is as pure as it is important. Transfer the emotions felt by the participants to the viewer. Do this with the minimum of interference, interjection and gimmick. In this instance, less may be more. Make the viewer want to experience that same challenge in their own individual bowling centers. Give the amateur player the inspiration to want to improve and test her skill on the professional level. Give the individual bowling proprietor reason to host. Make the young player aspire to be the next Earl, Walter Ray or Kelly.

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The American Bowling Consortium, Inc.

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Good post Jim. Let's hope the PBA has a progressive strategy that will soon result in more lucrative prize funds. I still think we are a long way off though.

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Long way off is definitely a fact Keith. $635,000 for 6 tournaments still only means a little over $100,000 per tournament, and a lousy top prize compared to the other big tournaments that will occur next season. At least if there's hope, the PBA won't go down so easily.

"He won't get it! Mike Sweeney our new champion! Well done, it was going to take a huge effort to beat Dave, and that's what Mike did." - John Holt, announcer for the Candlepin Challenge.

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PBA's in trouble. Do you really think this is going to save it.

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Pay the top 5 and open up every tournament to everyone.

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