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I'm going to take a chance on getting flamed for this, but here goes.

Why do I never see the 3 bowler format like the P-League, except for the P League?

It seems to go at a fast pace,  but , I just started bowling 4 or 5  years ago so I don't know much about it.

After watching Randys' Prodigy doubles tourney made me realize there could be some variations to keep it interesting.


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The PBA has done some experimenting in the past with different formats, including having three or four bowlers competing at once to determine who advances to the next round.  I'm not sure it was all that successful, as there didn't seem to be many tournament finals that used such a format.  I guess two bowlers going head-to-head is simply something Americans prefer over the other formats used in the sport.

I'm guessing P-League uses the 3-bowler format for a few reasons:  First, to allow 18 bowlers to compete per "season" without the season taking forever to finish.  Second, a 'season" is taped in a single day, and having three compete at a time instead of two will result in their day of taping ending faster.  Could also be that three-at-a-time works better for their time slot.


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Years ago when I was young(er) I bowled scratch leagues with a three man format.  It went smoothly and quickly.  We bowled the closest in average to us, then the highest and then the lowest.  We got points for wins, and then team total pins.  Made you work for what you got.
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