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To save you from having to watch the telecast to find out the "Top 10 PBA moments", they are:

T-10: 1995 Bayer/Brunswick Touring Players Championship - Randy Petersen leaves the stone 8-pin to lose to Ernie Schlegel
T-10: 2011 ToC, Mika Koiviuneimi beats Tom Dougherty 299-100
9: 1996 Flagship Open, Bob Learn Jr. throws 44 out of 48 strikes, 1129 for four games
8: 1980 ARC Alameda Open, Mark Roth picks 7-10 split
7: 1991 Fair Lanes Open, Del Ballard gutter ball to lose championship
6: 1982 Toledo Trust PBA National Championship, Earl Anthony goes over $1 million earnings mark
5: 2012 U.S. Open, Pete Weber with his "Who do you think you are?  I am" rant
4: 1987 Greater Los Angeles Open - Pete McCordic throws 300
3: 2010 PBA ToC, Kelly Kulick wins
2: 1958, Eddie Elias founds PBA
1: 1970 Firestone ToC, Don Johnson shoots 299
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