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Hello, I am new here, I apologize if this is not the proper place for this post. I wasn't sure which category was best.
I have this small belt buckle issued in 1945 and the buckle itself has patent date of 1923. It reads "American Bowling Congress 300 Perfect Game". I have been looking everywhere for info on the maker but I can't find a single one of these on the internet anywhere. On the back it says B & U Gold so I would imagine B&U is the manufacturer but I can't find the full name doing my Internet research. Wondering if there is a collector out there who has seen one of these buckles before. Also trying to find the full makers name. This was issued to the bowler in 1945 but the patent date on the back of buckle is 1923, does that mean this was made in 1923, trying to also figure out how old this buckle is. I appreciate any help, I am totally at a loss finding any info on this online.

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Now that is cool! I've never seen or heard of anything like it. The first thought that comes to my mind would be to contact these folks  They run a great bowling museum and they have a huge collection of old rings and awards from decades gone by. They were very helpful in helping me identify one of my grandpa's rings.

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I assume you've already contacted the United States Bowling Congress (which is what the old American Bowling Congress became)?

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ABC gave 10 carat gold rings with small diamond for 300 games until the late 70's.  I believe they were made by the outfit that makes a lot of class rings, but the name escapes me right now.  Pretty sure Randy is right.  Someone at USBC should have that type of history, and I wouldn't be surprised they even have some awards from that vintage in their museum.

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