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John P. Fabinich founded Faball and was experimenting with 2-piece construction in the 1970s with polyester balls. By the time the Hammer came out (1982?) he had sold the company, but Faball/Hammer was still using his 2-piece technology. I remember back then hardly any drillers knew what was going on with the Hammer weight block. Some bowlers had issues with the track flaring over their thumb or finger holes and pro shops couldn't understand why. The combination of a heavy weight block deep in the ball and a urethane coverstock was a game-changer. Urethane is a lighter material than polyester and weight needed to be added to bring it up to near 16 pounds. The original Angle used a pancake weight block with a heavy core, but was still a 3-piece ball. With the Hammer's 2-piece construction the shaped core doubled as the weight block and the resulting imbalance allowed the track to flare.

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My first time watching these guys in person. Cool watching Salvino-Schlegel crossing together. 

At the old Thruway Lanes in Cheektowaga and the righties were actually hugging the gutter.

Summer stop circa 72-73 ish.



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Originally Posted by Dare
Originally Posted by themrfreeze
If I have to pick only one, it would be Bo Burton's performance during the 1984 AMF Angle Open.  He completely crushed the place with only a black Angle and raw talent.  I think any kid developing their bowling skills should watch that telecast to learn what true bowling skill actually doesn't come out of your bowling bag.

Did Burton ever bowl in anysenior tourney's?If not I wonder why.
Seems like I readwhere he shot a 800 a few yearsago so I assume
he can still bowl.

Bo made the championship round in two senior tour events that I know of.  He made his TV debut as a senior when he lost to Teata Semiz at the 1992 Showboat Senior Invitational.  During the same year, he and Bob Benoit finished 2nd to a doubles team of Weber and Hromek.

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Teata's another of my all time favorites.Smooth as silk!  Joe Joseph too
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I was (still) a big Mark Roth fan, and loved how he could crank up a ball and let it fly.

My father (rest his soul) was an Earl Anthony fan (rest his soul).

To watch those 2 go head to head at any point on tv was a battle of the biggest titans in their day.

The best one was probably the 1981 Showboat Invitational in Vegas.

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I think one of my favorite PBA moments was watching a 57 year old John Handegard qualify fifth and win four matches to win the 1995 Northwest Classic and eclipse a record that was previously held by equally great Buzz Fazio. 
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