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Last night, went bowling with a few guys, and the lane guy put down the pattern known as Dead Man's Curve with the Kegel Lane Walker. Here's the description of the pattern:

I seemed to be fine playing straight up 7. If I tugged it and say missed a few boards to the right, the ball would grab too early, and I was looking at hitting high, or even brooklyn. A little left of target, or a little more speed, then I'm looking at something like the 3-9 or washout.

Shot 178-210-207 for the night.

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Assuming you're right-handed... what you've described
sounds much like a misplayed over-block.
- adjust your feet vertically, and/or your grip's geometry.

Above all... be happy you STILL have a target to look at!

(some of us, aren't so lucky!)

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Cool pattern name... Just like the Jan and Dean song.

"Last thing I remember, Doc, I started to swerve..."

I am the Charlie Brown of bowling

Phantom Playland

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Sorry, if I come off a bit harsh here, but it's only because I'm no fan
of KEGEL, or any of the master manipulators of our once great sport.
Also, because I always seem to wind up the one on the SHORT END,
...of their pattern's highly descriptive term! ( catch my drift).

"Utopian Societies" - don't ever work, for one main reason...  

                      " Power Corrupts... "
           (& Absolute Power Corrupts - Absolutely)  !!!

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Kieth is a lefty.

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